The X6 is well-loved around here, and I haven’t seen many people use a TIR in this light, so I thought I would share what I found. There are different Iris TIRs made for different emitters and they have significantly different shapes. I have seen the Iris used with larger emitters like the MTG2 and XHP50 (DB custom mainly). The Iris made for larger emitters (link is external) has a frosted top, and it does not focus correctly with smaller emitters like a dedomed XPL. (I have used this TIR with a sliced XHP50 and it makes a nice beam with no donut hole. FYI, this setup made 45Kcd at 7A (in 6V mode). )

The Iris made for smaller emitters (link is external) is the same size but has no frosting and the opening at the emitter side is smaller. The reason I like TIRs is because, compared to a reflector of the same diameter, they tend to have a larger beam with similar intensity, at the expense of a narrower spill. This case is no exception.

Below are some comparison beamshots. On the left in both pics is an X6 with reflector and XPL HI V2 1A. On the top right is an X6 with reflector and dedomed XPL V6 1A, and on the bottom right is with the Iris TIR. The TIR noticeably increased the beam size, but it’s not a huge increase. The separation between hotspot and corona is more smooth with the TIR. With a fresh 30Q, the measured beam intensities of the dedomed XPL with reflector and TIR were nearly identical at 91Kcd at about 30sec.


It is not a perfect drop-in, though. It is a bit taller than the stock reflector, and it doesn’t work with the stock centering ring. I used pieces of a 1mm thick nylon washer, stuck to the MCPCB with double sided tape, as a spacer. That is about the right thickness for good focus. With the TIR and and glass lens, but no o-ring, the bezel doesn’t screw down all the way; there is about a 1.7mm gap. The situation could be improved possibly with a thinner glass lens and a thin rubber gasket.

So, if you like TIRs, this might be a good change for your X6.