I’m always looking for a better way to throw a lot of lumens a long distance from a compact light. I have been a fan of the Ledil CUTE 3 optic with dedomed XPL or XPG2 emitters for its ability to pack a lot of lumens in the beam with some decent throw and for its relatively easy integration into lights with the XP32 MCPCB. I also like the beam profile of the TIRs. With this light I wanted to improve upon the CUTE 3 setup in output and throw while keeping the head size compact.


I have had good experience with using the 20mm narrow beam TIR from LEDDNA in my S2+ and in my 7xXPL convoy L2 mod, so I planned to use them in this mod as well. I used dedomed XPG2 S4 2B emitters instead of dedomed XPLs to keep the runtime and heat a bit more manageable in a light this size. I also bored out the tube to fit the new Sanyo 20700 cells. I chose to go with the higher capacity “B” cell which will give this light a nice runtime boost. The 20700 cell hasn’t arrived yet, so I will update the post when it arrives tomorrow.

I’m pretty happy with the result. It draws about 10A with a fresh 30Q cell, measured using a 10mOhm shunt in place of the tail cap. I was hoping/expecting an amp or two more, but the output is good nonetheless. It outputs approximately 3200 lumens at start and approximately 3000 lumens at 15s, measured by ceiling bounce. At 30s it does 90Kcd. This is with an AR lens. This is a nice improvement over the CUTE 3 dedomed XPG2 which does ~2300 lumens and ~50Kcd. I think this quad setup provides a nice combination of output and throw that is hard to beat in a similarly sized light. One could also use dedomed XPLs instead of XPG2s and this would increase the output and decrease the throw some, but in my opinion that load would be almost too much for a single cell light this size (as far as heat production and runtime).

The driver is a MTN FET+1 with ToyKeeper’s Crescendo FW, which I love.

I started by making the aluminum spacer on a lathe.


It is a tight fit in the head. I had to trim the MCPCBs in order for them to fit (trimmed using cut-off wheel and dremel). I also had to do quite a bit of shaping of the TIRs (by filing) to get them to fit. The bezel blocks some light from the outer sections of the TIRs, so I bored out the bezel some to reduce the blockage.

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This is a comparison beamshot between a stock reflector EE X6 with XPL HI V2 1A (left) and the quad XPG2 (right). Lights were not on full so this is just to compare beam sizes, and this photo is a good representation of this. As with most TIRs, this light has a larger hotspot than same-sized traditional reflectors at the expense of a more narrow spill.


So, compared to a (stock reflector) EE X6 with dedomed XPL V6 1A, which will do about 94Kcd, this quad has similar throw with a nice increase in hotspot size. Compared to a C8 with dedomed XPL V6 1A, which will do 155Kcd, this quad has significantly less throw, but a much larger hotspot.

Thanks for looking!

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