With this light I wanted a powerful all-around light that I could carry on my belt with a mid-sized beam, similar beam as my 7xXPL convoy L2 mod. I had been planning to do this mod in a C8 but was considering ways to make it more powerful. So I started looking at the few 2 cell side-by-side format hosts available. The Spark SP2 is the most compact and best looking of this format, IMO. For a lot of pictures of how this light looks stock see here (link is external). Big thanks to djburkes for hooking me up with this particular host. Thumbs Up

It has 4 dedomed XPL V6 1A emitters in 2s2p format powered by 2 18650 cells in series. The optics are narrow TIRs from LEDDNA. I estimate it pulls around 12A from fresh 30Q cells. It does right around 6000 lumens at 15s and 100Kcd at 30s, measured at 6m. The driver is a FET-only with TK’s e-switch ramping FW flashed. I piggy-backed a 5V regulator to get low standby drain.

This light comes stock with the cells in parallel. The design of the stock carrier also made me nervous with the positive and negative springs so close together, so I decided to just re-make the entire carrier and contact design. I made the carrier out of PVC sheet and rod that I had bought for a previous project. I think PVC is a versatile material to make things with; it is a thermoplastic so it can be worked and shaped easily when it’s heated past its softening point. It can also be strongly bonded to itself by solvent welding which is what I did here to bond the rods to the pieces of sheet.


The battery positive connects to the copper disk at the center and makes contact with the 17mm FET driver positive. The outer copper ring is battery negative and makes contact with the copper pieces glued to the driver board. This design separates the positive and negative more safely, and I can easily lock the light out by unscrewing by a fraction of a turn.

I made the Al spacer on a lathe.

Thanks for looking!

Originally posted on BudgetLightForum.com on June 14, 2017.